The Smite Pro League officially starts on April 23 for Season 8. For those interested, and players keen on joining the many teams playing in the Smite Pro League, the free agency period ended on January 29.

Right now, fans are eagerly awaiting to hear about new team names, who will be playing on those teams. The estimated date regarding those announcements were set to happen in the middle of February, but the details have not been shared yet, at this time. Right now, the most recent update, 8.2 Goddess of the Sea, has arrived, releasing Smite’s first new goddess for 2021, Tiamat. Players can download the latest update and start playing her right now.

However, the Smite Pro League roster remains blank, and we don’t know when those will be filled in. The information might release on a blog post on Smite’s Esports website, or it could happen during a stream on the game’s Twitch channel where the broadcasters breakdown all up and coming information

We do know Smite’s Pro League Season 8 schedule, though. The season will be broken up into three phases, and each phase lasts for eight weeks, starting on April 23. At the end of each phase, there will be a series of playoffs for the six best teams of the phase to compete in, earning points to work towards the Smite World Championship.

Once we do learn the exact roster, team names, and critical information for the Smite Pro League roster, we’ll be updating this page with those details.

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