aims to be a global news media that appeals to the whole world from Istanbul on this road it has entered without compromising its principled broadcasting approach. Turkey’s science, games and news site for our new generation technology holds the pulse of ‘right’ and ‘impartial’ to be at least ‘news’ is as important as that.

Our Mission

  • While we are making news without leaving the press and professional principles, it is one of our main missions to present this to our readers as quickly as possible.
  • When there are two parties in a news, always aims to convey the event to its readers objectively.
  • For us, it is one of the clearest rules of principled journalism to bring together news texts that contain plain and clear information without making any false, false or surprising discourses, just to gather attention.
  • To follow the agenda closely and to be aware of the emotional intensity of people means to adopt the understanding that journalism is a social responsibility.

Our Vision

  • To be the most reliable source to be informed about events related to the agenda.
  • Related to a news; To embrace the feeling of “If is real”.
  • And finally, it is our common vision to share the spiritual peace of fulfilling its duty with the whole team.

Our Goals

  • First and foremost Istanbul, Turkey, and then becoming the most trusted news organ of the whole world.
  • To have 100% ‘correct’ and ‘impartial’ news on our entire page.
  • To become the leader of the professional press train as a constantly cited and referenced news outlet.