Friday, October 24, 2014

USFIV - Daigo Umehara (Evil Ryu) vs. UGP HJM (Dudley) *Oct 21, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter IV ranked match footage between HJM and Daigo Umehara. The match streamed from HJM's Livetube and uploaded on Nicolive. Check out over 1 hour of their gameplay below.

Part 1

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Game Start 2014 - USFIV Exhibition and Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals; Daigo, Xian, Poongko, and more!

This weekend Mad Catz Daigo Umehara is going Singapore for the Ultra Street Fighter IV OMEGA edition exhibition match at Game Start 2014 on Oct 25, together with Ono, Ayano, and RZR Xian.

Daigo will also compete the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals on Oct 26. The other finalists in the tournament: RZR Xian, RZR Gackt, AVM Gamerbee, Leslie, Human Bomb, Poongko, Jiewa.

Game Start 2014 will be held Suntec Convention Centre Hall 403, Singapore. Both USFIV events above will be located on main stage.

Event schedule based on SGT (GMT +8):

Oct 25 Saturday
3:00 PM - USFIV OMEGA Exhibition Event
7:15 PM - Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals

Live streams from Game Start Asia and CapcomFighters

Visit Game Start website for the full schedule and map.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

USFIV - Infiltration challenges Tsuna for over 1 hour of games - Oct 21, 2014

Ultra Street Fighter IV stream from Infiltration Twitch TV and also Tsuna Nicolive. Infiltration started with Akuma and Tsuna with Juri which are their main character, in the mid of this 1 hour games, they switched to different characters.

After that, Infiltration also tried to join Kachitagari TV games but failed several times.

Check out the replay between Infiltration and Tsuna (a.k.a. Lutuna) below from Infiltration channel, their match starting @1:20:45 and end around @2:30:00.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

USFIV - Shiro (Abel) takes on KitasenjuDJ (DeeJay) for a FT10 game

Yubiken just added the First-to 10 game between Shiro and the current #1 DeeJay player on Japanese arcade BP ranking - KitasenjuDJ. This game was played on Oct 9, 2014. Check out the full replay here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Previously on Japanese FGC streams; Tokido at Topanga TV, Kazunoko Evil Ryu, Uryo styling, Daigo ranked match, Infiltration infiltrates Dunhiller, and more!

Recently Ultra Street Fighter IV matches gathered from various Youtube channels, Topanga TV, and Nico streams. Check out all replays here.

Tokido (Akuma) ranked match (Topanga TV)

More here:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Topanga League 4 - B League result (Round 10)

Topanga League 4 - B League is an online tournament featuring 16 players in the league in Japan, top 4 players will be promoted to A League and 5th - 6th players will play through a FT7 4-man round robin play-off against Fuudo and Dashio, top 2 of them will go A Leauge. The event started from Sep 25 to Oct 25, 2014.

Tickets for all rounds (included A League) can be found here.

B League prizes:
1st - 100,000 yen
2nd - 50,000 yen
3rd - 30,000 yen

- Tokido (Akuma)
- Mago (Yang)
- Sako (Elena)
- YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
- NISHIKIN (Blanka)
- KojiKOG (T. Hawk)
- Nemo (Rolento)
- Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
- Ninomae (Rose)
- Katakana de Aoki (Decapre)
- EX Pugera (Ibuki)
- Ooitajin (Chun-Li)
- Akutagawa (Dudley)
- Santarou (Sagat)
- Sasaki (Cody)
- Yossan (Juri)

Result below: